Friday, 20 October 2017


I can't help feeling sorry for the loss of this beautiful squirrel.
I just love red squirrels and I treasure the few encounters. 
You could easily be fooled and assume this squirrel is only sleeping...
but I can assure you this one won't wake up again.

- if you Fear, your Heart will decay  -
quote by  L V Hall

In autumn everything seems to sink into decay, it seems to be the season of melancholy.
 I don't know why but I love melancholy, the smell of autumn and the fading sunlight.

I hope you'll be able to enjoy the weekend!

Frogs on Friday

We're both totally into tree frogs since we first laid eyes on them.
(read my earlier post here)
Yesterday, the last sunny and warm autumn day, we went searching again...

 we found a youngster.

Perhaps this little one was a bit tired... he yawned three times in a row.

Soon the tree frogs will start their hibernation.

 We spotted some thicker grown ups.... soaking up the sun

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Day at the Beach

Every holiday we try to visit the North Sea...

 the kenderman spotted this protected and endangered sea holly

I found the second ray eggcase of the day

at first we went to the Belgian beach and we ended our day at the beach on Dutch territory

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Perfect Day

Yesterday we went hiking with friends in Vijlen...

After lunch we walked down hill...

we followed the Geul upstream...

came across some beautiful half-timbered houses...

and then we climbed up the steep hill...

and down hill again for the final destination...

so we could sit down for a rest with a view... and enjoy another meal together.

What a perfect day!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Art and Coffee

(brasserie Thialf)

Yesterday we visited Kunst op de Koffie in Arnhem.

A biennial event where you can meet artists, exhibiting in other peoples homes.
KodK aims to find a nice artist and homeowner combo.
Such a great combination! Art and access to "strange" houses.
To me the best of both worlds! ★

We started our tour at No 06 : Karel van Gelderstraat 43.
A new build home filled with paintings of MariĆ«s Hendriks
(find more posts about her work here and here).

 I enjoyed talking to the owner about his house, interior design and art.

Our second home with artist Esmay Groot Koerkamp: No 05 : Dullerstraat 30

No 7 : Driekoningenstraat 45 : Peter Jordaan 

 No 24 : Driekoningendwarsstraat 52 : Isolde Venrooy

No. 01 : Parkstraat 64 : Kevin Bauer 

Your final chance to visit Kunst op de Koffie 2017 is today from 12.00-17.00 pm
Location: Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem

A neighbourhood with lots of lovely old architecture.